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Jeremy Carlson 1994 Honda Civic - Car Audio and Elecrtonics ...

This 1994 Honda Civic might look extra terrestrial, but phone home to Holly Hill, FL, if you want to see what you get when you take a Honda, add parts from Nissan and Ford, and incorporate style from the Dodge Magnum with a Roadster feel. It might be a car manufacturer CEO's worst nightmare; but, to car enthusiasts, it's a dream. Built to promote Metra products at trade shows and events, this once purebred Honda Civic, now automotive maker hodgepodge, is a showcase vehicle that will make jaws drop whether or not you're a Metra fan. Jeremy Carlson and a team of installers spent about six months and approximately $100,000 converting this automobile into a platform for audio and video equipment with unparalleled creativity.

Most Hondas on the import scene sport a carbon-fiber hood as an upgrade as if it were part of an import initiation. A carbon-fiber hood would not do the trick for Carlson's Honda. Taking it to the next level, a custom hood was fabricated and implanted with four acrylic windows by Carlson and Frank Paolillo giving it a race-like look. Peeking through the hood inserts, you immediately notice something different about this Honda. There is no Honda engine! Taking the place of the 4-cylinder 102hp engine is a 7hp, 48-volt electric engine. Carlson decided to get rid of the Honda engine in order to acquire additional space needed for the subwoofer enclosure mounted to the firewall. Additionally, four Tsunami X151700 batteries that power the audio system found their way under the hood along with two JBL PX300.4 amplifiers. The hood piece that holds the equipment was built by Metra's Tom Reece.

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Jeremy Carlson 1994 Honda Civic - Car Audio and Elecrtonics ...
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