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Alex Patterson 2000 Honda Civic - Honda Tuning Magazine

Honda Tuning: We noticed from your tech sheet that this is your second D-series motor. Why not go with a B- or K-series when it came time to an upgrade?

Alex Patterson: I just wanted to do something different. My goal was to have a 300hp daily-driven D-series-just something different, outside the norm. Actually, I can smoke a lot of dual-cam turbo setups with my single-cam.

HT: : And not only did you stick with the D-series, but you built it up with some serious parts: Darton sleeves, Wiseco pistons, Eagle rods.

AP: : Yeah. I can't really do much more. In the next few weeks, I'll probably up the boost a little more, maybe hit 400 on race gas. That's my goal. Also, I'd like to run a high 11 (second quarter-mile).

HT: : Tell me about Redzone Performance and Spoolin Performance, both Fremont-area tuners. How did you connect with them and how did you work with them on the build?

AP: : Redzone and Spoolin are actually in the same shop now. They weren't before. They've combined forces, a kind of one-stop shop. You can basically get anything done there. I do most of my own work, but the harder stuff I bring to shops. I told Redzone that I wanted to build a 300hp D-series that will run 11's. I brought them all the parts and they built a really great motor. It's really strong; I haven't had one problem with it. They built the motor, ported the head, did the valvetrain and installed the LSD.

Then I took it to Phil at Spoolin. He mocked up a manifold, I took it off and got it coated myself and put it back on. Then they actually tuned it as well.

HT: : You mentioned you'd done a lot of online research prior to this build. What sites?

AP: : and Those are my main two sites.

HT: : Speaking of online, I noticed you're running an intercooler that is pretty popular on the boards, an underground favorite.

AP: : Yeah, the Johnny Racecar piece. It works really well. It's an eight-inch with a three-inch core. I painted it black to hide it from cops. It actually supports up to 550 horsepower and it's a great intercooler for the money. I actually had their six-inch before on my old D16Y7 Greddy kit, but I wanted to make more power, so had to upgrade to a bigger one. I don't know why people waste so much money on bigger cores when they don't really need it. I got it for $200 shipped.

HT: : You're also one of HT's first feature cars that have been tuned on CROME Pro.

AP: : CROME Pro runs flawlessly. Starts up right away. Makes really great power.

HT: : OK, so why for this particular application? Is that what the guys at Redzone are most familiar with?

AP: : They can tune all that stuff, CROME, Hondata, whatever. CROME, it's really stable, works really great for the 3-bar sensor in my car, idles fine, just like a stock, daily-driven car. It runs great on the P28. Brandon at Redzone, he's the main guy, a really great CROME tuner.

HT: : So in your past, you were a self-professed ricer who bought Z3 fenders and side skirts for the illusion of speed. Then you realized 14-second quarter miles weren't...

AP: : [laughing] Yeah, I was, I won't lie. I had an automatic, all-motor Y7 and I thought it was so fast.

HT: : But then you caught your neighbor's kid keying your car and that set you on the righteous path?

AP: : Yeah, luckily I caught the kid doing it, so I went to his dad and showed him what his kid had done. He was cool, said whatever it cost he'd cover it. I got a quote, neighbor's Dad cut me a check and I got the car repainted. Actually, I put in a lot of my own money for the paint, too, but I like that no one really has that gunmetal on a four-door. It was actually forest green before.

HT: : On the inside, you grafted in a dash from an Si, correct?

Honda Tuning Magazine

Alex Patterson 2000 Honda Civic - Honda Tuning Magazine
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