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AUTO REVIEW 2006 Honda Civic Si

DARNESTOWN, Md. (MarketWatch) -- It's very seldom that a car rolls
into the driveway and from the very first minute knocks your socks
off. The Civic Si is that kind of car.

Yet the engine's never anything but refined. It just revs and revs
at levels that would leave some others with scattered engine parts
all over the land. Honda says the air-intake system and the exhaust
system are turned to provide a level of performance feedback more
commonly found on race cars. We couldn't agree more. Look for zero to 60 mph to pop up in less than seven seconds, and
we can state that it feels much quicker. All this is aided by a
very slick six-speed manual that's just a delight to work with. A
determined shift is needed to go from fourth to fifth but is
quickly mastered. The Si is EPA-rated at 23 to 32 miles per gallon. Handling's on a par with most any sports car you may have driven:
Road they're virtually identical
on the skid pad; and they're all of a mile an hour apart in terms
of top speed with the MX-5 coming out on top at 130. And depending
on options, the cars are compatible on price.


AUTO REVIEW 2006 Honda Civic Si
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