Safety Leadership

Smartly designed passenger cars can provide high levels of protection. Our vehicle bodies are designed to manage crash energy in a controlled manner and reduce the amount of crash energy that reaches the passenger cabin. With our light truck models, we don’t assume that “bigger is better.” Utilizing unit-body designs that make better use of space, Honda […]

Leadership in Active Safety

Our customers view precise steering, taut handling and superb braking as features that make our vehicles fun to drive. And Honda’s racing heritage contributes to these great dynamic qualities. But to Honda engineers, those same “go-stop-turn” characteristics are where safety begins, providing each vehicle with the dynamic ability to help our customers avoid collisions. At […]

Leadership in Collision Compatibility

America is split virtually down the middle—between passenger cars and light trucks. This freedom of choice enables almost everyone to find a vehicle that meets their needs. However, statistics show that many of the fatalities in collisions involve a significant mismatch in the height or weight of the two vehicles. So, Honda engineers took the initiative to […]

Leadership in Pedestrian Protection

Our commitment to safety includes the most vulnerable of people traveling on American roadways: pedestrians. To significantly improve auto safety, it is not enough to be concerned only with the people inside our vehicles. In fact, pedestrian fatalities represent a significant percentage of traffic-related deaths in America. To better understand the real-world dynamics of such incidents, […]

Leadership in Future Technologies

Honda engineers are developing “pre-collision” safety technology to support drivers’ efforts to prevent collisions before they occur. Today, there are more demands than ever on the driver’s attention to the road and reaction time. So Honda introduced the world’s first Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) utilizing millimeter wave radar technology to help detect the possibility […]

2001 Honda Civic

Honda Civic Photos The car was made since Oct 2001 Modification Frame Engine model Drive Transmission Displacement, litres Body type B UA-EU1 D15B FF AT 1,5 Hatch G UA-EU1 D15B FF AT 1,5 Hatch IE LA-EU1 D15B FF CVT 1,5 Hatch G4 LA-EU2 D15B 4WD AT 1,5 Hatch X LA-EU3 D17A FF CVT 1,7 Hatch […]

Honda Civic Specs

Frame Date EU1, EU2, EU3, EU4 Oct 2002 EU1, EU2, EU3, EU4 Oct 2002 EP3 Dec 2001 EU1, EU2, EU3, EU4 Oct 2001 EU1, EU2, EU3, EU4 Sep 2000 EK9 Dec 1999 EK2, EK3, EK9, EK4 Sep 1998 EK2, EK3, EK4 Aug 1997 EK2, EK3, EK4 Sep 1995 EG3, EG4, EG6 Sep 1993 EG3, EG4, […]

Honda Civic History

Honda CivicThe Honda Civic is an automobile manufactured by Honda. It was introduced in 1973 as a 1169 cm or 1238 cm engine-powered small hatch or two-door small sedan. With a “eastwest” engine like the British Mini, and front wheel drive, the car provided good interior space despite overall small dimensions.Early models of the Civic […]