Leadership in Pedestrian Protection

Our commitment to safety includes the most vulnerable of people traveling on American roadways: pedestrians.
To significantly improve auto safety, it is not enough to be concerned only with the people inside our vehicles. In fact, pedestrian fatalities represent a significant percentage of traffic-related deaths in America. To better understand the real-world dynamics of such incidents, Honda created the most advanced pedestrian dummy in the world to help develop technologies that can reduce life-threatening injuries.
We have made our test dummy available to the U.S. government, universities and other research organizations in an effort to improve pedestrian protection.
Honda now leads the industry in the application of pedestrian safety design.

Why do we design our vehicles with pedestrian-safety technologies?
A significant number of fatal pedestrian injuries are the result of trauma to the head. So, Honda has focused initially on reducing the threat of head injuries to pedestrians. These technologies include a wiper system and other hood features designed to give way to help cushion the force if struck by the head of a pedestrian.

1. Advanced Compatibility Engineering ™ (ACE™) Body Structure
2. In-Floor Frame Rails
3. Front Side Airbags
4. Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®)

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