Leadership in Collision Compatibility

America is split virtually down the middle—between passenger cars and light trucks.
This freedom of choice enables almost everyone to find a vehicle that meets their needs. However, statistics show that many of the fatalities in collisions involve a significant mismatch in the height or weight of the two vehicles.
So, Honda engineers took the initiative to create a unique, next-generation body design, Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure, which helps minimize the effects of a mismatch. 
ACE™ helps enhance occupant protection in almost every Honda vehicles while at the same time increasing their compatibility with other vehicles during a frontal impact.

How do we design our vehicles to protect you and to lessen the impact to other vehicles on the road?

The ACE™ body design helps spread out the forces of a frontal collision to help avoid concentrated impact forces that cause injuries.

A conventional body structure concentrates the energy from a collision primarily through two side frame rails.

ACE™ body structure is a standard feature in every one of our passenger cars, regardless of size or price.Continue to Pedestrian Protection

Honda engineers studied the dynamics of collisionsbetween vehicles of different size and weight to create the ACE™ body.
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