A52 Helps Partizan’s Ace Norton Inaugurate Honda Civic “Freedom”

Nathan Crow, and senior V.P. and executive producer Gary Paticoff. For Partizan, the production team also included executive producer Ian Bearce and 
John Zilles. A52’s team also included executive producer Mark Tobin and producers Heather Richardson and Mark Kurtz. Telecine was handled by Stefan Sonnenfeld at Company 3, and for Rock Paper Scissors, credits also include executive producers Linda Carlson and Dave Sellars, producer Yole Barrera, and assistant editor Biff Butler.

“Freedom” uses the music track “Huddle Formation” from The Go! Team. The spot’s sound design was courtesy of 740 Sound Design, and the final mix was engineered by Nathan Dubin of Margarita Mix de Santa Monica. 

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Established in 1997 as a home for the very latest high-end photo- real visual 
technologies and the industry’s most innovative and talented graphic design artists, West

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